Doll function:
 Doll have three cross-functions (yin, anal, oral sex), please apply lubricant before use, it is recommended to wear a condom.
Cleaning and care:
1. bath temperature is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, shower gel, soap, washing powder, detergent can be cleaned. Stubborn stains can be wiped with a cleansing oil or olive oil.
2. the neck interface is not allowed to enter the water, otherwise it is easy to cause water show, affecting the use and aesthetics.
3. the vagina and anus can be used for repeated cleaning by the manufacturer's disposable cleaner, it is forbidden to directly wash the vagina with a water tap.
4. there is a waterproof ball in the depths of the vagina, fixed with glue on the skeleton, excessive flushing may cause shedding. If you accidentally fall off, blow dry the vagina and re-stick it.
5. the doll takes an average of 20 days to take a bath, apply a talcum powder after bathing to prevent oil from cracking.
6. a long time on the side of the compression can produce indentation, the pressure side up, after a few days can recover.
1. It is forbidden to bend the limbs for a long time, sit and other postures outside the factory. Non-standing models are forbidden to stand. Non-standing models will cause the footstep skeleton to poke through the skin and leak outside the skin.
2. It is forbidden to put the legs in a 180 degree position, and it is forbidden to lift the hands upwards; after use, they should be restored to the appropriate position as soon as possible.
3. due to the special nature of the material is easy to be dyed, so it should be prohibited to wear dark clothes, dyeing paste can only deal with slight dyeing, large area dyeing is difficult to completely remove.
4. It is forbidden to wash the vagina with a faucet; it is forbidden to clean the face in a large area, and the stain on the face is applied with a cotton swab to remove the makeup oil and slowly scrub;
5. it is forbidden to contact the skin with a knife and other sharp things to prevent scratching;
6. it is forbidden to burn in the fire, should be away from the fire source, the secondary material is flammable;
7. It is forbidden to disinfect and clean with a strong irritating liquid such as disinfectant or alcohol lamp.
8. Allergic people should test the material of the product before use. It is forbidden to use and purchase allergic to this material. It is forbidden to store in erection.
9. If the eyes look different, you can manually adjust the eyeballs (advanced will make the eyes look smaller, pulling the eyeballs outward will make the eyes look bigger).
10. When adding a wig by yourself, please choose a white intranet as much as possible when purchasing.
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