1. Our doll has three holes, mouth, vagina and anus. If you find that the doll's mouth or vaginal opening is closed after receiving the product, don't worry, this is normal, because after the long-distance transportation from the factory to the United States, the holes may stick together, just use your fingers to open Just fine, or apply a little lubricant.

2. If inadvertently cracked, please wash the wound surface and then dry it, then use a toothpick to dipped a small amount of glue, just to fill the wound surface, because the glue has a slight corrosive effect on the material, too much disposable is easy to repair serious.

3. The product is a special product, please check carefully when the customer receives the goods, once the receipt is no longer returned. However, the quality problems caused by the receipt will be assisted by the manufacturer.

4. For any reason, the used products are not returned. If there are special circumstances, please contact the factory customer service.

5. Due to the special nature of adult products, children under the age of 18 are prohibited from using it. Please keep it after purchase and keep it out of reach of children. If the child is contacted because of improper storage, the factory will not bear the consequences.

6. It is forbidden to show naked in public places. If the adverse consequences are caused by the individual.

7. This product is a personal item. The factory is not responsible for the spread of diseases caused by private resale.
LOVESEXYDOLL is a sex doll factory from China. A modern high-tech factory integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, and technical support.



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