What do love hotels all over the world look like?

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Edo period in Japan


Some hotels and tea houses will set up secret passages


For lovers or special group trysts


This is the embryonic form of a love hotel


And there are more than 30,000 love hotels in Japan


So of course our first stop is~

Sex power Japan

Prison, classroom, clinic theme



As long as it is the scene of your dreams


Almost can be found here


And the scene is realistic


I believe anyone who likes watching oriental movies will be familiar

Imagine that there are big mirrors on all sides


Accompanied by the noise of the subway


In this empty tram car


Holding the handrails together


Believe that it is enough to satisfy your "public space" complex


There are many topics that are very eye-catching



"Little Nurse's Clinic"


"Pristine Tropical Rainforest"


"Showa style" full of erotic pictures


Romantic and luxurious France

Don't know why love hotel


It also seems to fit the French tone


The whole room is filled with the sinful glitz of capitalism


Large bathtub, hexagonal crystal, black mirror


Here I have a sense of refinement and nobility

Rigorous and innovative Germany


Love hotels in germany



He looks like an industrial science man


Because the imagination of each room is too wild


The designer of the hotel also carefully prepared


A room manual

Exciting and bold USA England


American taste is a kind of comfortable mood


Atmosphere and extravagance without losing cultural flavor


No matter what must be big


For example, their "Mandarin ducks playing in the water" is like this

That must be surrounded by nature


Enjoy your deep American kiss with 20 circular mirrors


And the United Kingdom



Is more advocating baroque exquisite luxury

Under the development of the era (fuji)


SM-style hotels also appeared


There are dozens of various props


You can rent more if you like new ones... dozens of them

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