Regarding the use of physical dolls, you must be clear about these 5 questions!

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In recent years, with the liberalization of people's sexual concepts, physical dolls have also risen rapidly, initially becoming an indispensable sexual "supplement" in the lives of groups living alone. Today, MENGJI will answer the questions and answers to the questions that children often encounter when buying and using physical dolls.

1. The height and weight of the physical doll

How tall is the physical doll? Generally, we recommend choosing a height of about 160cm. After all, larger physical dolls are heavier and not very convenient to carry. Of course, the higher the height of the physical doll, the closer it is to the real form, and the experience of sharing a bed is more exciting. If the weight is not too stressful for your baby friend, you can also consider a larger physical silicone doll.


2. Posture adjustment of the physical doll

The solid doll with a built-in alloy skeleton has more joint movement space than ordinary inflatable dolls, and can pose various postures or movements within a certain range.

3. The hair of the physical doll

In order to get closer to the makeup of a real person, the manufacturer will manually implant the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes for the physical doll. In addition, the private parts of the physical doll are all hairless by default. If the baby friend has extra needs, you can negotiate with the manufacturer to customize it.

4. The material of the physical doll

As a private adult product, the material and cleanliness of the physical doll directly affect the physical and mental health of the baby friend. For example, the physical dolls of the MENGJI family use natural silica gel as raw materials, which are safe, sanitary and odor-free, and feel soft and comfortable, and their graceful posture is even more pleasing. It should be noted that after every love, the body of the physical doll will be stained with the sweat, saliva and semen of the baby friend. At this time, it must be carefully cleaned with warm water, especially the private parts of the doll. If the cleaning is not in place, it is easy to breed bacteria , Affect the health of baby friends.


5. Physical dolls need "sun protection"

The sunscreen is done well and can resist aging. Long-term sun exposure to physical dolls can easily cause "skin burn", material aging, and affect service life. Therefore, when not in use, it is recommended that baby friends place the physical doll in a dark, dry, and cool environment, and ensure that it is clean and hygienic.

In addition, the physical doll is not small in size and involves privacy preferences. Once seen by guests, it is more or less embarrassing. The physical doll collection sofa is not only good for privacy protection, but also better for the life and maintenance of the doll.

Through the above popular science, I believe that the baby friends have a new understanding of physical dolls. In addition to the above, what questions do you have about the purchase and use of physical dolls? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to chat!

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