Do I need to wash the doll immediately after using it? Do new dolls need to be cleaned?

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Recently, a friend asked how to clean the doll and how to maintain it after use. I thought about these issues and talked about it. Everyone knows that both silicone and TPE physical dolls are actually made by artificial people. Moreover, the body of the doll is made of solid materials, which has a certain waterproof performance. Compared with some other products, the physical doll is not as convenient and quick for people to clean as famous utensils, but it is not as difficult as imagined.

I suggest that baby friends check the doll for any problems and defects as soon as they receive it, and clean the doll when there is no problem. Because after the merchant ships the goods, it is inevitable that there will be no bacteria these little guys in the process of transportation. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will be unhygienic during use at the beginning. Usually, baby friends must wash them frequently when using physical dolls, so that they can be more hygienic.


Whether it is we need to clean up the doll after we have used it up or the doll has been left for too long, the skin surface is stained with dust or stains, we need to clean the doll. So how to clean the physical doll? Take off the head first to prevent the water from staining the makeup on the face, then put some shower gel and wipe it gently with a wet towel. The water can be cold or warm.

If you have a bathtub at home, you can put the doll in the bathtub and wash it smoothly, which is more convenient. Of course, you can also wash it with her-after washing, wipe the water with a towel and let it dry. After the baby’s skin is dry, put talcum powder on the baby so that the younger sister’s skin will be smoother, more elastic and dust-proof. If you find that there is something that cannot be washed off, you can check whether it is dyed. You can clean it up with color remover or make-up remover. If there are other problems and there is no solution by yourself, you can contact the shop where you bought the doll and ask the shop for a solution.


After wearing the TT and using up the doll, do I need to wash it? It is estimated that everyone must be too tired to move after disarming, after all, he has entered the sage time afterwards. Besides, the service life of physical dolls is limited, they need to be maintained all the time, and they are their own "girlfriends." Although I am wearing TT, I still worry about whether it will contaminate the doll. After all, I will use it in the future. If it is not clean, it will affect my own. It’s better to clean it after you have finished using it. This is more hygienic and will help the life of the doll.

The more expensive and delicate things are, the more they need to be maintained. Just like a car, it will be maintained every time. The same is true for physical dolls. The price of a physical doll is more than $1,000. It is a relatively high-end thing and requires good maintenance. The physical doll is about energy-saving movement, can be bent, and the skin is also resilient. It won’t matter if you fold it back again, but if it’s in a curved state for a long time, the skin at the bend may show some wrinkles.


So if you don’t use it for a long time, it’s best to restore the joints to their original posture, that is, with your hands and feet lying flat. If you have been bent for a long time, you can simply massage the joints. It will be fine in a while. There are also physical dolls that can be dyed, so be careful not to wear clothes that can dye. You must wear a white base shirt that can be worn inside.

Physical dolls should regularly apply powder to keep the skin dry. When cleaning Shixiu dolls, remember not to use corrosive cleaning agents, strong acid, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants and detergents, etc., to avoid damage to the skin of the doll. If you want to know more about the price of physical dolls or have questions, you can contact us.

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