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Seeing the other side of the poster, this time is still a light comedy starring Anna Kendrick.


The heroine "Kodi" she plays is a small screenwriter with little reputation. One night, when Zhengzhun was engaged in a role play with her boyfriend, he suddenly found a piece of decorative sequins on the bed that did not belong to her...

Is it green?


Cody, who was startled in his heart, asked her boyfriend where he went to see the girl, why is there this little sequin at home?


Although her boyfriend did not cheat, he had to tell the truth in shame:


This thing fell from the inflatable doll I bought...

Do you have no girlfriend or your girlfriend is not sexy? Why do you still want to make a fake doll...


Cody, with a dumb face, was hit.

This is nothing, the things that make her more depressed are still to come.


Cody, who woke up in the middle of the night, suddenly heard someone calling her. He opened the cabinet and saw that there was a boyfriend’s doll lying inside...


What's even more weird is that this revealingly dressed and sexy doll is talking to her with his mouth open.

This doll not only tells Cody that her name is "Barbara", but also makes Cody bewildered that Barbara is still a master of language art:


Full of pompous words.

Cody suspected that he had hallucinations.


When she just thought of getting up and leaving, she was asked by Barbara to help her butt wash, because there were too many traces of her boyfriend...


In the end, Cody agreed to her request.


But Barbara's poisonous tongue didn't let her go. While mocking her figure, she told her boyfriend that she didn't love her;

Being good to you is only because of a momentary sexual interest: "Before we subverted the patriarchy, we were all inflatable dolls."

Cody looks docile on the surface, but in his heart he is actually a standard "feminist".

This barbara, who is full of words, seems to be another version of Cody, the suppressed Cody, all the things that he would not dare to say were all said in his mouth.


"Baby Romance" is a light comedy produced by Quibi, a total of ten episodes, each episode less than ten minutes. It is precisely because it is too short that Quibi's plays always give the audience a feeling of unfulfilled meaning.


There is a particularly high-energy episode in the play, and Cody takes Barbara to repair her accidentally broken body. In the eyes of the repairman, this doll is just a very ordinary toy.

Not only did Barbara feel clean, but even her hair was ripped off, and she also suggested that the doll is too outdated, and it's not expensive to change to a new one.

The repairman does this, it's just his job.


But in Cody's eyes, Barbara is a thoughtful and highly overlapping "female partner". Seeing Barbara's pleading eyes, Cody's heart was touched at this moment.

"Baby Romance" is actually quite a pity. Although the conflict and highlights of arresting people are set in each episode of the play, it does not go deep because of the length of time.


Compared with feminist rights, the dean prefers several burdens in the play.


For example, when Cody met a robber in a convenience store, he not only had to deal with Barbara who was talking next to him, but also the gangster who suddenly became a fan of his boyfriend...

Barbara, who is "full of dirt", asked Cody to find the brother next door to spend the spring evening with herself. In order to proceed smoothly, Cody also took out the lubricant...


This paragraph is really funny.


Quibi, don’t make any American dramas. If all of them become popular ones, will they immediately become popular...

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